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cryptocurrency and social services platform

Indicoin is a cryptocurrency which being autonomous and decentralised provides a social service platform with each member of the community contributing towards the betterment of the society and also earning through it. Apart from that, it is also a blockchain based social media and anonymous incentivising content curating platform.

Indicoin is built to empower a market of billions of people who currently do not have access to digital currencies across the nations. To reverse such trends, and help people being engaged in technology, the first ever social platform is built which includes transparent distribution of the tokens using Smart Contracts, an absolute fair for all, unbaised consensus system and also a democratic voting process and a reward sharing system. The technology that powers Indicoin is an ethereum based blockchain and also IPFS as a storage client.

To start with, any user will have the option to enter his own ethereum node address or ipfs node address. After which the user can get an Indicoin address for himself. Then the user has to send ether to the address he/she receives, to get the ERC20 token registered. The user can follow various means along with full anonymity for providing proof of work on Indicoin platform including live videos, pictures or documentational proofs by utilizing a monetory value for it. The proposals uploaded will undergo a validation process of a transparent and unbiased public voting. After which the proposal will either be approved based on the positive votes received or disapproved declaring the proposal as fake. Irrespective of the proposals declaration, the community members will be rewarded. If a proposal is approved all the upvoters and social workers are rewarded else downvoters gets the reward.

Hence this system will encourage more people to join Indicoin community as a part of inner satisfaction of doing something good, and also earning a reward through it forming a win-win situation for everyone.

Indicoin is an experiment designed to address the challenges in cryptocurrency and social service by combining the best aspects from both.

Check out Indicoin’s Official Website- www.indicoin.org.in or link up with the community of Indicoin’s Telegram Channel by following this link https://t.me/Indicoin​ ​to get all recent updates.

Crypto Traders India

Trading Signals

A pool of elite investors from India building up under a decentralized platform to protect their assets, risk management and actively encashing the opportunity for the growth and better returns.


decentralised cryptocurrency exchange and wallet

IndiEx is a cryptocurrency exchange and wallet catered to the Indian marketplace.

It is a decentralised cryptocurrency exchange and wallet which allows investors and merchants to trade and sell cryptocurrency from anywhere around the world with the local Indian currency.

The IndiEx is a beginner friendly platform making absolutely easy to securely buy, use, store and trade digital currencies. Users may purchase various cryptocurrencies from IndiEx through a digital wallet available anywhere.


solid waste management platform

Swachhcoin aims to develop a revolutionary model platform to disrupt the waste management sector using advanced, coming of age technologies like IoT, Adaptive Intelligence, Big Data and Blockchain for existing waste management companies where the household waste contributors are rewarded for the waste they produce that is ultimately converted into products of high economic value. Not only this, by adapting Swachhcoin platform, the waste management companies will be able to dramatically increase their profits while increasing and easing their operational efficiency and capabilities. All this while creating a cleaner and greener environment.

We aim to create truly sustainable, clean community development around the world while improving the economic conditions of all individuals professionally associated with the industry in any capacity along with the domestic households.

Technologies Used

In order to achieve the aforesaid aim, Swachhcoin aims to employ the the following coming of age advanced technologies which will be customised exclusively by swahhcoin for the industries using Swachhcoin platform.

  • SWaTel (Swachh Adaptive Intelligence): Swatel refers to the customized application of adaptive intelligence technology to increase the efficiency in the operations specifically in the processing of the waste to produce the desired output, hereinafter referred with same name.
  • SWaTa (Swachh Big data):refers to the customized application of Big Data to enable integration of advanced methods during transportation, collection, and distribution of various inputs and outputs, hereinafter referred with same name.
  • SWIot (Swachh Internet of Things):refers to the customized application of Internet of things to enable complete control of plant equipment and thus enabling dramatic increase in efficiency, hereinafter referred with same name.
  • SWbin(Swachh Bins):refers to the customized waste collection bins designed by SwachhCoin having various features such as but not limited to, automatic opening and closing lid, linked user identity database, integrated waste separation etc, hereinafter referred with the same name.
  • SWapp(Swachh App): refers to the user interface for phones designed by SwachhCoin having features like, account creation or signups, SWH wallet integration, Payment system, Token Credit system, unique user identification, waste to token rate chart, nearest swabin site location with google map integration, Realtime Collection truck location tracking, Realtime swbin waste level status and collection schedule etc. to give users seamless experience, hereinafter referred with the same name. Integrated Blockchain: The entire Swachhcoin model will be fuelled by SWH Tokens based on Ethereum Blockchain which will enable us to distribute rewards, incorporate fairness and transparency thus establishing a trustless and efficient platform.
  • Check out SwacchCoin’s Official Website- www.swacchcoin.com or link up with the community of SwacchCoin’s Telegram Channel by following this link https://t.me/Swacchoin​ ​to get all recent updates.